Mobile Television Makes You Average

Television will destroy you. No joke. Tell me if this describes you: you get home from work, turn on the television, fall asleep with the television on, and wake up with it on. American adults average watching over five hours of television per day (John Koblin, New York Times). Do you want to be average?Then stop reading now and turn on your television.Be better than averageI listen to people when I am at work and out at other places. I often hear comments like this, “I can’t stand my boss,” or, “I’m stuck in this dead end job.” Those are average statements made by average people who go home and watch a lot of television.What if you took that five hours and invested the time into education, family time, or a side job? What if you took that time to read to become a better employee? How would that affect your life?It is no secret that top executives read more than sixty books per year. I don’t think they do that after squeezing in five hours of binge watching in the evenings. They use their time wisely and read various subjects to enhance their careers and lives.

When you camp out in front of the television, you are watching actors, directors, and writers live out their dreams and ideal lives. Then you go to work and into a life you did not design and help someone else achieve their goals. Stop achieving other people’s goals. Turn off the television and create your ideal life.It starts when you are youngChildren from birth to age eighteen watch an average of four hours of television each day (Kay Uzoma). Who is to blame for that? I understand that life demands a lot of time from parents, but if a parent is watching five hours a day, who is watching the kids?Television, either in mobile form or hanging on the wall, has taken over as parents. Children learn everything at an early age from programming. This includes: politics, sex, drugs, drinking, relationships, and parenting. Who do you want to teach your kids about sex? Snooki from Jersey Shore? How about relationship building from Keeping Up with the Kardashians? If you think those types of shows are a great influence on your children, by all means, plop them in front of the television each evening. If you want to have stable children, turn off the T.V. and introduce them to classic books and board games. Board games mean you must participate with them. So, turn off your own television and play along.Pre-planned procrastination I know successful executives who watch television. They have a favorite football team or show they can’t miss. How do they do it? They pre-plan procrastination. Binge watching television is procrastination. Plan your television watching. Limit it to specific days and only for a few hours on those days. If you are average, you are watching 165 hours of television per month.If you are trying to become above average, cut you television time in half. Then cut it in half again. Force yourself to not watch and pick up a book. Stop complaining and start acting.Change in behavior

If you made it this far, you are above average or are concerned about the direction of your life. If you are not concerned for yours, then maybe for your children. Don’t let T.V. programming lead the direction of your life and family. Take charge and plan everything in your life, including television time.I am no different, because I can watch episodes all day or watch football on Saturdays for fifteen hours. I must discipline myself to break it up into smaller chunks of time. It’s no different than taking on a big task. Take small bites of T.V. out of your life and replace it with more productive activities.ConclusionAverage is not an option. If the average person is watching more than five hours of shows a day, then discipline yourself to be better. Start with two hours and then one hour. Some people have found they don’t need television at all.Do not let the media companies babysit your kids. They will follow a good example and thirst for discipline. Be the example and spend more time with them than you do your favorite program.